Show the Apple of Your Eye How Much You Care

Show the Apple of Your Eye How Much You Care

This Valentine’s Day show your love one’s how much they mean to you by spending something other than money…spend time. Whether it’s a thoughtful, handmade card or setting aside time to go for a walk its surprising how far a little gesture can go.

Here are 5 ways to show you care without spending a penny…

  1. Do some cleaning

    Okay, we admit doing the dishes or washing the laundry isn’t very romantic…BUT it’s a gesture that goes a long way. No one actually enjoys vacuuming so by taking some time to do a little bit extra around the house it shows how much you value your loved one’s time.

  2. Hand made gift or card

    Perfect for the whole family, especially if you’ve got someone creative in the family. We stumbled across this article from CountryLiving with 42 Valentine’s Day Crafts and seriously loved the idea of repurposing free color swatches from the hardware store.

  3. Go media free

    Throw the phone in a drawer and toss the batteries from the remote in between the seat cushions. A simple, no brainer gesture that can turn an ordinary evening into a fun family game night!

  4. Go for a walk

    Taking a lap around the neighborhood with someone is a great opportunity for some alone time. Bonus, plan a head and hide your handmade gift along the route for something a little extra.

  5. Volunteer Together

    Plan a day where you can get involved in your community. Whether its volunteering the local Humane Society or a food bank, set aside a few hours on the weekend to invest in a project or organization larger than yourself. Trust us it will feel better than any box of chocolates could!