Chocolate Covered Apple Ring Turkeys

Chocolate Covered Apple Ring Turkeys

Crunch Pak’s all-star team of contributors is constantly looking for fun, innovative, and easy-to-follow recipes that showcase what Crunch Pak is all about; our great-tasting apples. Jocelyn and insidebrucrewlife created a crafty (and edible) recipe that is perfect for kicking-off the holiday season in style!

Cookies and sprinkles make these Chocolate Covered Apple Ring Turkeys a fun Thanksgiving craft. Perfect no bake treat to keep the kids busy before dinner.

Do you ever have those moments where you wake up from a dream and remember it vividly?  Usually it’s because of something scary happening, right? Well, about a month ago, I was half way awake in the morning, but I decided to just lie down for another few minutes before hitting our garage gym.

The next thing I know, I sat up with a start. In my dream I was photographing the cutest little turkeys made out of apples.  It was such a random and funny thing to be dreaming about.

My guess is that even after spending an entire week making these caramel apple cheesecake tarts,  this apple pecan upside down cake, and these chocolate dipped Halloween apple rings that I needed more apple ring fun in my life.

Immediately I ran to the kitchen to see if I had all the ingredients I needed to bring that dream to life. I pulled fall colored sprinkles, Oreo cookies, candy corn, and googly eyes out of the pantry.

The next step was to check the fridge and make sure the last bag of apple rings was still there. Thank goodness no one had found the last two bags I had in the back.

As a blog ambassador for Crunch Pak apples, I love keeping apple slices on hand for easy and healthy snacking. We love the new apple rings that they just came out with too.  They are so fun to munch on and also to bake with.

A plate of these adorable turkeys would look so good on your your Thanksgiving day tables. They also would keep the kids occupied while all the food is being prepared.

Just set out the bowls with all the turkey parts and let them create turkey madness!

Here are a few easy tips to remember while you make these chocolate covered apple ring turkeys:

  • Place the Crunch Pak apple rings in between paper towels about 10 minutes before you dip them in chocolate. This helps to remove some of the extra moisture.
  • Fill bowls with all the different turkey parts while the apple rings are drying. You will need four bowls for the sprinkles, cookies, mini candy corn, and candy eyes.
  • Melt the dark chocolate melts according to the package directions. Use a fork to lower the apple rings into the chocolate one at a time. Gently tap the side of the bowl to remove some of the extra chocolate. Just be careful because the apples will fall off the fork easily.
  • Place the apple ring on parchment paper and immediately place an Oreo cookie at the bottom of the ring. Sprinkle the rest of the chocolate with the sprinkles to create “feathers”. Continue until all the rings have been dipped and sprinkled.
  • Use a toothpick to add a little bit of chocolate to the back of the eyes and place on the cookies. Do the same with the candy corn for the nose.
  • Squeeze a little bit of red gel around the candy corn for the wattle.
  • Stand back and giggle at the most adorable turkeys that came from a dream.