5 Ways to Celebrate Springtime with the Family

5 Ways to Celebrate Springtime with the Family

Springtime is officially here- and that means we can get back to one of our favorite pastimes- outdoor adventuring! Whether you’re off on a spring break trip to the mountains or “staycationing” in your hometown, there a ton of ways to celebrate the new beginnings this season brings.

No mountains near you? Find your local nature preserve!

Take a family hike and learn about the trees, animals and life that’s local to your city or state. Bring pairs of binoculars to take a closer look, and gather leaves, sticks or flowers to use in #4’s art project! This is a great way to make memories, start conversations and also allows kids to learn to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors in a new way.

Plan a trip to a local zoo

Spring is one of the best times to visit the zoo, because not only is the weather ideal, tons of new baby animals abound! Check your zoo’s website before, and you’re likely to find a list of the newest animal additions as well as any great deals or family discounts.

Plant a flower garden

One of the most amazing ways to experience spring is to grow your own little piece of it! Start from scratch with seeds from your local home improvement or gardening shop, or re-home some already grown plants from the store! Not only will this upgrade your backyard, it’s a great way to teach kids about how to take care of the world we live in and how diligence in watering and caring for their flowers will lead to a beautiful result.

Do an outdoor art project

Encourage your kids to collect leaves and various signs of new life on your hike from the nature preserve, and use them to create spring-themed artwork! One of our favorite activities is to learn about leaves by placing leaves under tracing or printer paper and rubbing a crayon over them. It’ll create amazing designs with very few materials!

Pack a picnic

All the activities above make for hungry little ones and hungry moms and dads! Don’t forget to pack easy, healthy snacks like Crunch Pak apples to fuel them (and you) for springtime days of adventure. Bring along sandwiches, fruits and veggies that won’t go bad in a little heat, and you’ll be all set for any adventure life throws your way this season.

We hope you’re taking advantage of all the activities in your city this spring, and we’d love to hear your favorite springtime traditions in the comments below.