Crunch Pak to Feature Award Winning Apple Rings at PMA Fresh Summit

Crunch Pak to Feature Award Winning Apple Rings at PMA Fresh Summit

CASHMERE, Wash. (Sept. 25, 2017) —Crunch Pak®, the sliced apples specialist, will unveil a refreshed package design and feature its award-winning new product, Apple Rings, at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit in New Orleans.

Crunch Pak’s Apple Rings are round circles of fresh apples with the cores removed. Available in three flavor options: sweet, tart, and a mixture of both, Apple Rings give home cooks the option to dip, layer, use the apple slices in a recipe or eat out of hand.

“Apple Rings may change the way people consume apples. With their unique shape – it adds variety outside of just slices,” said Megan Wade, brand and media manager. “The Crunch Pak team worked hard and is excited to bring customers a new and innovating way of slicing product.”

The Apple Rings will be on display in Crunch Pak’s booth #5429 along with a refreshed packaging design. The refresh design features clean graphics, updated usage ideas, use-by coding and space for greater fresh product visibility, Wade said.

Also on display in booth #5429 will be a new Foodles package with sliced and peeled apples, cheddar cheese and non-GMO crackers.

Crunch Pak Foodles will participate in the Just for Kids product showcase and Apple Rings will be featured in the On-the-go Snacking showcase. Crunch Pak is also a finalist in the PMA Fresh Summit Sensory Competition with an Apple Ring Flatbread recipe created by local chef Amy Sins of Langlois Restaurant in Metarie, La.

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About Crunch Pak®

Crunch Pak® is the industry leader in fresh sliced apples. Founded in 2000, Crunch Pak® is committed to providing the highest quality organic and conventional sliced apples in the market. Crunch Pak’s family of brands includes Crunch Pak with Disney and Crunch Pak® Organics. The primary distribution is via retail channels; annually Crunch Pak creates more than 1 billion apple slices at plants in Cashmere, Wash., and New Jersey.