Frighteningly Fun Apple Ring Pops

Frighteningly Fun Apple Ring Pops

It’s finally that time of year!  The time of year when googly eye treats reign supreme.  Ok, ok, so I usually find a way to add googly eyes to every holiday. But I feel like Halloween is the best time for adding fun eyeballs to everything.

I don’t know what it is about those little candy eyes, but they just make me giggle every single time I see them added to treats. Seriously. They crack me up! Can you look at these Frankenstein marshmallows or these no bake Rice Krispies owl cookies and NOT smile?  I didn’t think so!

Now these peanut butter zombie eyeballs are another story because I’m not sure that bloody eyeballs make anyone laugh. But they sure do make a fun, creepy treat for parties.

I went ultra simple for my no bake “recipe”.  I even hesitate to call it a recipe because it is so easy.  Maybe we should say apple craft.  That actually sounds better and a little more accurate.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you make your own chocolate dipped Halloween apple rings:

  • Sandwich your Crunch Pak Apple Rings between paper towels about 10 minutes before you start dipping them.  This helps to pull some of the moisture off the surface of the rings. Moisture and chocolate do not get along very well, so this is important.
  • Prep all your different pieces for each creature before you melt the chocolate. Set out bowls for each thing like the cookie bat wings, crushed cookie fur, licorice spider legs, almond sliver fangs, chocolate chip ears, and candy eyeballs.
  • Decide which creature you want to start with and do all 4 of those first.
  • You can use lollipop or cookie sticks, but I did find that those didn’t hold up after sitting for a day.  They will be perfectly fine if you are making these the day of a party. Popsicle sticks might be a better solution if you need to make these ahead of time.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut a slit in the bottom of the apple, then insert the sticks. Make sure to have a paper towel handy because more juice will come out as you do this.
  • Melt your chocolates according to the package directions, then use a spoon to pour chocolate over each side of the apple rings. Tap the sticks very gently on the side of your bowl to remove some excess chocolate. Place on a parchment lined tray to dry.
  • For the spiders, add the eyes and crushed cookies while the chocolate is still wet. Dip the ends of the licorice strings in chocolate and attach to the top of the apple rings. This works better if you wait for the chocolate on the apple rings to set up slightly. You also may need to hold the leg for a few seconds before it is able to stand by itself. Add a little bit of crushed cookie over the chocolate dipped end to make it blend in better. (I did find that the legs stayed on fine the day I made them, but the next day they fell off easily.)
  • For the bats, add the eyes and wings while the chocolate is still wet. Wait to add the chocolate chips and almond slivers until the chocolate has set up.  Dip the tips of the almonds and the bottom of the chocolate chips in the chocolate and press to attach them to your bats.
  • For the mummies, place the dipped apple rings on the tray and press the eyeballs in while wet.  After you have dipped all 4 rings, spoon the remaining chocolate into a baggie and cut a small tip off.  Drizzle randomly over the tops of the rings to create mummy strips.
  • To serve these fun chocolate dipped Halloween apple rings, press the sticks into pot filled with styrofoam or wrap them up in plastic baggies and a bright colored string.