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Have you ever heard the saying
an apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Fresh fruits and veggies make nutritious snacks that will keep you healthy and energized for all of your activities like school and sports! Here are some of our favorite activities to make healthy eating fun.

Kid-Approved Snacks

Move aside greasy nachos, these fresh apple and strawberries nachos are exactly what you want from a snack, or dessert.

Prep Time Icon
5 Mins
Total Time Icon
5 Mins
Yields Icon
3 Servings

Interested in Crunch Pak products for your child’s classroom?

We love to provide nutritious snacks for field trips, classroom parties and more! Once a month, we will pick one submission and send free product to a deserving classroom. Just complete the form and someone will be in touch!

We Heart Healthy Snacks!

Having healthy snacks on hand can be a lifesaver during those hectic moments after the kids get home from school. Here’s why it’s a great idea to keep quick and nutritious snacks on hand for the whole family:



Peanut Butter Jar IconThe best snacks are nutritious snacks!

Providing fresh fruits and veggies right after school ensures your kids are getting the necessary nutrients in their day aside from breakfast, lunch and dinner. The perfect snack should include a balance of protein and fiber—these peanut butter snails will do the trick!



Apple Slices IconSmall snacks can help manage portion control.

Small portions will ensure your kids are still hungry for the scheduled meal in a few hours, but not too hungry that they overeat.



Alarm Clock IconOffer snacks at a scheduled time every day – not anytime they want.

Kids who graze on snacks all day may have a hard time determining when their bodies are truly hungry, which is a key to maintaining healthy weight in childhood and later in life.


Getting hungry?

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