Ways To Get Kids More Active

Ways To Get Kids More Active

In this day and age, it’s so easy for kids to get stuck indoors playing video games or sitting on the Internet all day! But while that’s all well and good sometimes, it’s very important to keep your family active so that they learn habits and routines that keep their bodies healthy. So here are some tips from Crunch Pak to get your kids more active!

Give them opportunities

Kids who don’t get to run and play very often are much more likely to forget how fun it is! Always try to offer them the chance to run around outside. Sometimes offering it alongside a less fun activity is a great technique to encourage them, too. “Would you like to help me tidy up the living room, or play outside for an hour while I clean?”

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Lead by example and don’t vegetate in front of the TV every night after work. If you’re more active, your kids will be more active, and if the family can be active together, all the better! Children thrive on social activity, and they want to be with their parents and siblings. If you’re enjoying an active lifestyle, chances are high that they will, too.

Make Inactive Activities Active

Put a fun new spin on the same old sit-around activities! Turn TV commercials into a time of play, and ask your kids to get up and re-enact what they just saw. It’ll make them get off their feet and improve their memory, too! And when it comes to video games, try to encourage your kids to play the more interactive ones on systems like the Wii and the Xbox Kinect!

So what are some ways that you get (and keep!) your family active? Send us some suggestions below, and we might just share them on Twitter in the future!

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