Our story begins in Cashmere, Washington, aka the epicenter of apple perfection...


Fresh-sliced apples have been satisfying cravings and fortifying healthy bodies for centuries.

Before 2000, however, serving or enjoying them required considerably more work. The process looked a little something like this:

1. Find the freshest apple - 2. Wash thoroughly3. Find a cutting board - 4. Sharp knife5. Be careful! - 6. Use eagle-eye precision7. Bag them up! - 8. Refrigerate


OK, so maybe the process wasn’t THAT complicated; yet a few of our dedicated apple growers were convinced that it could be EASIER.

A lot easier.

After years of trial (and some error), this determined crew discovered an all-natural, surprisingly simple formula that maintained the juicy flavor and unique crispness of just-sliced apples, well beyond the farm.

1. Slice2. Wash3. Pack


And with that, Crunch Pak was born.

Even now, after all these years and literally billions of apple slices later, our founders sleep well knowing that their realized dream enables people everywhere to¬†find their crunch and embraces all of life’s adventures… with convenient, Crunch Pak snacks in hand!

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