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Stocking Stuffer Ideas Your Kids Will Love!

December 15, 2016 By: Aimee (Shugary Sweets)

The holidays bring out the kid at heart in all of us. The twinkling lights, chill in the air, and warmth of family and friends just creates that perfect setting for gift-giving and sharing quality time together, while bringing back the nostalgia of our younger days. Waking up, jumping out of bed and running down the stairs on Christmas morning to see what was in our stockings was often the most exciting part of the day! This year, treat your kids with the gift of family memories by including fun activities in their stockings to inspire them to get outside and play together this season. Because that’s what they’re really going to remember when they grow up… just like you did.

Our favorite ideas this year, inspired by our own little ones:

  1. Sidewalk Chalk:
    1. Get their creative juices flowing and encourage them to get outdoors with the oldest trick in the book- sidewalk chalk! Find it on Amazon for just $7.
  2. Kid-Sized Football:
    1. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right? Gather up the family and toss around the pigskin for a guaranteed laugh and a fun afternoon activity.
  3. Dipperz:
    1. A crunchy and easy way to get their serving of fruit in for the day in the midst of all the holiday candy and sweet breakfast goodies.
  4. Water Balloons:
    1. While they might have to wait a few months to use these, that just means there’s plenty of time to plan an epic battle with the neighborhood kids to kick off the summer season!
  5. Disney or Marvel Coloring Books
    1. Little too cold out for a football game? Inspire creativity and hours of fun indoors with their favorite Disney and Marvel characters. Add a new pack of crayons or colored pencils to sweeten the deal! You can find a huge selection of all their favorites here.

Looking to sweeten up your Christmas morning? Try our Warm Apple Fritters or Apple Molasses Muffins!

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