Quality Control Manager

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Location: Selah, WA


Primary Responsibilities:
• Ensure planning/scheduling of department staff meet budget expectations.
• Implement and execute process improvement projects.
• Implement and execute cost savings initiatives.
• Implement and execute training programs.
• Implement and maintain the standards and policies of the employee handbook.
• Performing internal audits.
• Addressing nonconformities from previous internal and external audits.
• Following-up on and closing pending preventive and corrective action requests.
• Ensuring that organizational systems and training is in place.
• Ensuring that documentation and design controls are appropriate for organization.
• Overseeing established testing program.
• Assisting the management team and provide QA support as necessary.
• Assist in the development and implementation of microbiological training and diagnosis.
• Support and provide communication to other departments.
• Manage the companies EMP swabbing schedule.
• Mange the collection of QC testing data and data base.
• Manage SQF system.
• Ensure all systems are audit ready, including SQF, FDA, Organic, and Customer.

Secondary Responsibilities:
• Support and enforce all company policies, standards, and procedures.
• Compile information and/or prepare reports as requested by the Director of Quality and Food Safety
• Any other special projects as requested by the Director of Quality and Food Safety.

1. Performance Management
2. Technical Capacity.
3. Organizational Skills
4. Leadership.
5. Collaboration
6. Communication Proficiency.
7. Problem Solving/Analysis.
8. Teamwork Orientation.
9. Performance Management.
10. Business Acumen.
11. Personal Effectiveness/Credibility.
12. Diversity and Inclusion.
13. Presentation Skills.
14. Ethical Practice.
15. Relationship Management.

• Excellent communication skills, ability to present material and ideas to all levels of the organization
• SQF Practitioner
• Strong understanding of RTE, Food Safety, SQF, and Organic standards.
• Displays a positive and respectful attitude with all customers, external and internal.
• Above average mechanical aptitude; hands-on problem solver
• Good balance of analytical, technical, and social skills
• Superb organizational skills and attention to detail
• Strong computer skills (Excel, Word, ERP, IPAD) and mathematical aptitude
• Previous experience with microbiological trouble shooting.
• Proven track record in developing team members and increasing subordinates’ skill sets.

Education and/or Work History:
Educational/Work History Requirements
• 5 years minimum years of relevant quality experience in the food industry.
• B.S. Degree in Food Science or equivalent experience.
• Must be self-motivated and driven
• Clear and approachable verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality
• Ability to work independently
• SQF Practitioner, FSPCA

Full-time position: Primarily Days
Starting pay: DOE – Education and Experience