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Head Back To School with Jojo Lunch Kitz!

August 27, 2019 By: Sincerely Social

Back-to-school season means back to packing lunches! Brainstorming what to pack for your kids lunch and snack can be really overwhelming and stressful, but we’ve got an easy, fun and tasty snack just for you!

Say hello to our JoJo Lunch Kitz, complete with:
🎀 Crunch Pak Peeled Apple Slices
🎀 Fruit Snacks
🎀 Animal Crackers

They’re perfect for school days, after-school activities and even movie nights, playdates and weekend trips! Checkout our store locator to find them near you and grab one off the shelves today!

Be sure to tag us on Instagram if you pick one up!


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