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Food Safety Standards For Our Apples

April 7, 2020 By: Sincerely Social

Crunch Pak has always prioritized quality as its focus in producing the best fresh sliced apple products.  We pioneered the standards in quality and food safety and strive to continuously improve our systems to better serve our customers, employees and growers.  From raw apples to finished snack products, we have implemented innovative technology, automation and process controls that allow us to constantly validate our quality and food safety expectations.

We prioritize taste quality so your family can enjoy a delicious, nutritious and safe snack.


Every load of apples we receive is validated against our strict quality standards to ensure that our consumers experience the fresh and delicious product they expect.  We slice our apples to ideal dimensions and treat them with a combination of Vitamin C and calcium to maintain freshness and consistency.  We utilize the latest technology in smart and breathable packaging to ensure the quality during production is maintained throughout distribution.

Our commitment to quality and food safety will always guide our decisions at Crunch Pak.  We continue to focus on creating high quality products that are delicious, sustainable and above all safe to eat.



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