Inventory Control Forklift Operator

Location: Cashmere, WA


SUMMARY: This position is responsible for ensuring all inventory is traceable and accurate.

This position will require a pre-employment drug test.


• Need to be fully competent in Red Zone/Green Zone requirements and lot number system.
• Required to maintain inventory.
• Double check product coming from receiving and verify accurate counts.
• Conduct cycle counts at the beginning and end of shift.
• Inventory breezeway, green building, resolve any discrepancies.
• Required to resolve inventory issues if lead and supervisor cannot.
• Perform 3-4 random cycle counts per shift.
• Ensure production has the appropriate items and amounts to maintain production pace.
• Keep culls, boxes and trash moving in and out of production efficiently.
• Aid with fruit hauling and pre-treatment process when necessary.
• Understand rotation of old product to new and be able to evaluate rotation needs.
• Ability to count film and boxes in a timely and efficient manner.

Inventory Control
GMP Training Mandatory Training
Ability to lift 50 lbs. Required
Strong written and verbal skills Required
Punctual; good attendance Required
Ability to count all items Required
Understand safety protocol Required Level
Knowledge of basic math Required
Understands how to use guns Required
Forklift certification Required
Can Identify 50% of PKG’s and RM’s Required Level 1
Proficient in NAV Required
Communicate and resolve inventory discrepancies Required
Understand FSMA requirements Required
Leadership ability Required
Covers for Supervisor Required
Print tags Required
Ability to trigger cycle counts and verify Required Level 2

Full-time position
Starting pay: $15.00/hr