NEW Crunch Pak Flavorz™ Rolls out in time for school!


Innovative new Flavorz™ line featuring Disney Characters on Pack CASHMERE, Wash. — (Sept. 5, 2012) — Crunch Pak, the fresh sliced apple specialist, is rolling out its innovative new Flavorz™ line nationwide in time for back to school.Flavorz™ are sliced apples infused with natural flavoring that gives the apples the flavor of another fruit. Crunch Pak is launching the line in collaboration with Disney Consumer Products, Flavorz™ meet the strict nutritional guidelines created by Disney just for kids — assuring parents they are nutritionally balanced, said Tony Freytag, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Crunch Pak. The natural flavoring is applied to the apples post-slice, and does not change the look or texture of the apple slice. The first encounter a shopper has with Flavorz™ is when the package is opened and the aroma of the flavor inside is released. To capture that experience, Crunch Pak is developing rub and smell technology stickers that will be applied to the outside of the clamshell that contains five 2-ounce packages.

The Flavorz™ line was tested with focus groups of kids ages 3-7 according to Freytag, who helped narrow down the initial list of potential flavors to the final three.“Kids have very different palates than adults and kids love these flavors!” Freytag said. “We are excited by the response and hope it encourages children to eat more fresh fruits.” The suggested retail price is $3.99 to $4.29. “Our research and development department is constantly working on new product and package innovation to meet the needs of health conscious consumers of all ages,” Freytag said. “We strive to capture a major consumer trend toward healthful eating by paying special attention to quality and packaging.”

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