Crunch Pak Review


Crunch Pak Review
Posted by Sara

My husband eats an apple a day, I have had cravings for apples for months now, and my son will even eat an apple here and there. I like to keep them on hand for consumption, but to be honest, I get busy and sometimes finding the 3 minutes to slice an apple for my son or myself is a challenge. I invested in an apple slicer only to find that it sliced the apples into larger pieces than we prefer.

Crunch Pak has the solution for me, they make packages of pre sliced apples that are convenient and delicious. 

I got to try out several Crunch Pak products recently. I really loved how easy it is to grab a package and take it with me, wherever I am headed. My son loved the foodles. Not only do they look like Toodles the friendly helper from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ( and Mickey too!) but they are packed with nutritious and delicious treats that appeal to a little guy like him. My son is going thru a phase where he only wants to eat junk foods, so seeing him eagerly dig into Apples with Cheese and Pretzels made me very happy.

My favorite was Dipperz  Sweet Apples with Low Fat Caramel Dip. I liked that I could indulge my sweet tooth without the guilt. These handy little packs only contain 70 calories. The caramel was perfect to pair up with apple slices.

I liked that Crunch Pak offers a great assortment of fresh food for healthier snacking or an addition to a lunch box. I thought the prices were reasonable and the quality was great. I will definitely keep buying Crunch Pak products for my family and I would recommend this brand to your family as well.

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