Crunch Pak Makes Apple Eating Fun With Flavorz


Crunch Pak Makes Apple Eating Fun With Flavorz
Posted by Margie Brill

How many time have you tried to get your kids to eat more fruit? 
Our daughter loves bananas and grapes but apples have always
been a struggle.  When I heard that Crunch Pak was adding flavor
to their sliced apples I knew I wanted to see if she would give them
a try and while she was nervous about them at first, now she is
asking for them at snack time and even breakfast.  Clearly she is
not alone, because these kids are just as excited about the new
Flavorz as she is.

Flavorz comes in three varieties and with three of your child favorite
Disney charters:
• Apples with Strawberry with Vanilla Cream feature the Princesses 
• Mickey and Minnie are flavored with Grape
• Phineas and Ferb sport Peach and Mango
I liked that the apples are cleaned and presliced making them
convenient and packaged in a way that makes them appealing to
kids.  I tried each of the flavors and was impressed with how subtle
the flavor is yet how big of a change it makes to an apple slice. 

Crunch Pak does not stop with just apples, Foodles are in my opinion
a life saver.  I can not tell you how many times I have picked up
snack/meal trays for our daughter.  With options like apples, grapes,
carrots, cheese, pretzels, granola, and yogurt there is something for
all kids.  I like them as a substitute for fast food meals when we are
in the car, they travel well and are almost mess free.

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