Crunch Pak Flavorz infused Apple Slices & more


Crunch Pak Flavorz infused Apple Slices & more
Posted by Stephanie Manner Wagner

We are regular consumers of Crunch Pak fresh sliced apples for
use in all 5 of the kid’s daily school lunches.  The convenience of
having the apples all sliced and individually packaged is HUGE
for this mommy with the rush to get everyone out the door quickly
with a healthy meal.

With this in mind, I was certainly agreeable to Crunch Pak sending
us a sampling of their products including the new Flavorz.  
Crunch Pak FlavorZ are sliced apples infused with additional tastes
for an added burst.  They come in three varieties Peach/mango,
grape and strawberry vanilla cream.  While it may sound a touch
odd to eat an apple slice that also has a bit of a grape or strawberry
vanilla cream flavoring added, I’m hear to tell you don’t know it until
you try it before they are truly very good.

In fact, I didn’t point out the added flavoring to any of the kids before
popping them in the school lunches last week.  The kids all returned
home asking about where I had gotten those new apple slices and
how extra good the flavorings were.  I didn’t just leave this up to the
kids, I tried them myself as well and I have to agree.The new Crunch
Pak FlavorZ are definitely going on our shopping list.

Added bonus, Disney characters on the apple slice baggie packaging.  
Though Crunch Pak Foodles still rules the clever Disney packaging
award with their darling Mickey Mouse head package. Mickey shaped
trays are used to create mini snack containers filled with items like
grapes, apples, cheese, yogurt, pretzels, and other goodies.

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