Party Activities


Whether you’re trying to get the party started, or you just want to
encourage exercise after dessert, try these fun games in your next event!

Character Drawing Game

Sit everyone in a circle and give each
person a piece of paper and a pen.
Each person begins by writing at the
top of the piece of paper what Disney
character they want the next person to
draw (i.e. Mickey, Lightning McQueen,
Cinderella, etc.). They then pass the
piece of paper to the person on their
left, who then has a go at drawing what
the person wrote. The illustrator then
folds the paper so the next person
can only see the drawing (and not the
writing). The person to the left of the
illustrator then writes what they think
the picture is, and fold the paper so the
next person can only see the writing.
There is to be no talking between
players as to what the drawing is.
When the paper runs out, stop the
game, throw the paper into the middle,
then each person takes a turn to unravel
and laugh at the various drawings.

Magic Carpet Ride

Split into teams of 4 to 8 people.
Each team will be given a towel,
small blanket or rug to use as a
magic carpet. All team members
should be able to stand on the
towel. You start the game
by telling teams the following:
You are on a magic carpet,
thousands of feet up in the sky.
But you’re not going anywhere
because your carpet is upside
down. The object is to flip the
carpet back upright without
anyone falling off into the abyss.
You can use your hands.
The team that reverses its
carpet first without anyone
stepping off is the winner.

How Many Items
in the Jar?

This is an easy addition to a
party and is always a favorite.
And it can be good counting
practice for younger children,
too!Simply fill a large jar or other
see-through container with a
collection of appealing treats
Ask the children to guess the
number of items and write their
guess down with their name.
When everyone has guessed,
tip out the jar and count.The child
who guessed closest wins the lot!

Call My Bluff

This is a fun word game which can help
children to learn new words, practice
dictionary work and presentation skills! It
works best in a classroom or large group
setting, and you will need time to prepare.
You will need a large dictionary and at
least 4 players, preferably more. 3 players
are chosen to give the first presentation.
They must choose a difficult word from
the dictionary (which they hope no-one
will know) and write 3 definitions for the
word. One of the definitions must be true,
and the other two should be plausible
(but can be funny). Now write the word
on a card or the chalkboard and ask the
3 children to read out their words to the
group of class, giving no indication which
is right and which are wrong. The audience
now votes on which is the right definition.
If they guess right, the audience gets a
point. If they guess wrong, each of the
other 2 presenters gets a point!

Matching Cups

Preparation: You will need 28
paper cups (not transparent)
and 2 each of 14 different pairs
of treats to hide such as buttons,
toy cars or coins. When nobody
is looking, put the items in a
rectangular grid pattern (7 x 4)
on a table and cover with the
cups to make a game.

Play: The children take turns to
turn over a pair of cups. If the
items underneath match,they
may take the cups away, claim
the items as their own and have
another turn. If they do not match,
they must carefully replace the
cups and pass to the next player.
Count up the number of pairs of
objects you have found at
the end and declare a winner.

Doofenshmirtz Tower

For this game, you need packet(s)
of marshmallows and packet(s) of
spaghetti. Split the group into two
or more teams. Generally between
4-8 is the ideal team size. The goal
is to see which group builds the
highest tower using only the items
provided. The towers must be
stable.The game theme can be
changed to fit child’s themed
party. Build a princess tower, car,
toy box, etc.